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Let’s Talk About Empathy, Transgender Rights, and Bathrooms

This week’s Thinking Thursday is going to get a little political… okay that’s a lie. It is going to get really political but I have held this in for too long and now I believe this is the best time to say something. This week we are going to explore empathy, transgender rights, and bathrooms. Why?

Simply put:

This is my blog and I do what I want.

Long answer:

The world at the moment needs more voices speaking out about injustices and although I may not be part of the communities being persecuted I try to empathize with their situation and figure out a way to help.

This post was brought to you by Trump’s actions towards the LGBTQ community, lifting the the protection act that forced schools to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms that matched their gender. I used the words forced, because many of the schools where this act was set were likely going to ignore the needs of these students or force these students into difficult situations that made them feel unsafe.

Now, the reason for Trump’s administration lifting this act is stupid. Their biggest fear is that if this act in put in place sexual offenders will say they are trans to gain access to the restrooms to harm women. Right there, is a huge issue, actually several issues.

  1. Not all sexual offenders are men.
  2. Trans-individuals are more likely to be assaulted in restrooms.
  3. If someone wants to sexually assault someone a law isn’t going to stand in their way.

What this act is doing is forcing trans-individuals back into hiding and limiting their rights as human beings. If you don’t allow someone to use a restroom in a public space that means you are limiting their life and experiences. You are also targeting cis-individuals that don’t fit within gender norms. Women with more muscle, who are taller, may have thinner hair, or facial hair may be targeted. Men who are smaller, dress more feminine, or have a lack of facial hair may be targeted for not fitting in.

Students who are beginning to find themselves are forced to use facilities that don’t make them feel safe, which should be the number one concern of a school.

I have never had a problem with anyone using a bathroom. When I go to the bathroom the last thing that crosses my mind is ‘how is the person going to the bathroom right beside me’ or ‘is the person beside me going to hurt me?’. I don’t care! I’m too preoccupied with my own bodily functions to be concerned about anyone else.

Plus there are already laws in place to protect people in bathrooms, which I hate to say, don’t stop those who want to break them. Forcing a group of people into dangerous situations because you think there’s a problem – that doesn’t have any statistical evidence to support – doesn’t help but instead harms people. This kind of thinking makes you a closed minded person, who needs to realize the world is filled with a diverse spectrum of genders, races, beliefs, and ideas.

I am cis, white, and woman. I have had the privilege of not having to go through the challenges those within the LGBTQ community do. I don’t have to face the difficulties of people not accepting me or the loss of friend/family because they don’t understand me. I know I will never have to face these challenges head-on but I also know that I can’t ignore them either. I educate myself about the issues facing LGBTQ youth. I use my writing and the information I’ve learnt to try and shed light on issues facing the world today. I show empathy and explore opinions that are not my own because I believe everyone should have the same rights no matter what. #TRANSRIGHTSAREHUMANRIGHTS

All I ask from you is for you to try and see this situation through another person’s eyes.

Educate yourself.

To get started I’ve put two of my favourite YouTube channels down below. You’re welcome to start a discussion in the comments, as I love to hear what my readers have to say. Until next time remember to stay safe, be creative, and as always toodles! ^.^


Old Word Friday: Thural

Hello World Out There World!

As the winter holiday’s are drawing closer we are starting to fill our houses with all kinds of wonderful smells. Right now, with all the baking I’ve been doing my house smells of apple and baked goods. This led me to looking for a word to add to my collection which I could use instead of candle but it turns out I found a word pertaining to incense instead. This week’s OWF is brought to you by thural, an adjective (descriptive word) that was created around 1624. The word thural means ‘of or pertaining to incense’.

So, how is this word pronounced?


Examples of this word in a sentence:

Every Christmas our house is filled with thural herbs like cinnamon, sage, and thyme.


The thural smells of clove filled the kitchen.


I love whenever I burn thural herbs as it makes my house smell amazing.

Should this word make a comeback?

No, I don’t believe so. I find the word thural redundant and believe just saying ‘burn herbs’ or ‘burn incense’ is clear enough. It is still and interesting word to add to your list if you are writing historical fiction or have a time travelling character who isn’t up-to-date with modern language.

Wonderful Word Wednesday: Snuggery

Right now I’m sitting in what I’d call the snuggery of my apartment. The word snuggery pertains to a cozy little room or place in a house.

In 16 days I will be leaving my current snuggery in search of a newer snuggery closer to my family. It will be nice to be closer than 18 hours from where I grew up. I’ll get to see people I haven’t seen for six years.

Anyways… I honestly don’t think I need to give you examples of how to use snuggery in a sentence since I used them throughout this post. XD

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 21 – Lessons

What Three Lessons Do You Want Your Children To Learn From You?


If You Love Something Never Let It Go

I’m not talking about people in regards to this comment. I’m talking about what they are most passionate about.

I’ve always loved to write, but all my life people told me that I would never get a real job out of it. They told me I wouldn’t make money, and would be wasting my time if I continued onto that path.

I listened to them and instead of pursuing my real dream of becoming a writer I went to school for my second passion, which was to teach.

Sadly my backup plan backfired due to the low hiring rate for teachers in my country. This resulted in my finding a job in another field, dealing with numbers (-.-) and filing all day. I don’t mind my job. The people are nice and the work keeps my interest… but it isn’t my passion and isn’t my second passion.

It was working in a field outside my passions that I realized that this gave me time to pursue something else. I went back to writing and have published a book because of it. I’m not in it for the money. I have a job that pays me so I can continue writing for the fun of it and not the business of it.


Honesty Is The Best Policy 

Telling lies can be tiring. Trying to keep all those stories in line in your head. Hoping no one catches on to the fact you aren’t telling the truth. It is easier to just tell the truth and be honest.

Sometimes honesty will be harsher than a white lie but in the end it is better for people to know where you stand than have your opinions change with each interaction. At least that’s what I try to do.


You’ll Be An Adult One Day – Be Patient

Every kid wants to be an adult but the honest truth is – being and adult is all it’s cracked up to being. I know I couldn’t wait to grow up. I hated school. I hated my peers for the childish torment they put me through because I was more mature than they were. I hated some of my teachers for not being their to help me when I asked for their help in regards to the torment.

Being a kid sucks too, I know that… but there is a heck of a lot less stress when you are 14 than 24. You may not think so because your priorities are focused around other things but you do have less to worry about. You can be free from major responsibilities like paying bills and working to survive.

Let me and your father worry about that… cause you will have to do that soon enough when you’re out on your own.

Old Word Friday: Gallimaufry


This is a fun word to say – gallimaufry, which means a jumbled medley (can also refer to an edible dish). Why you need such a long word for that, I do not know…

But here are some sentences showing how you can use it:

Tina made her famous bean gallimaufry with chickpeas, kidney beans, and black beans.


The students had to made a gallimaufry of pictures from their field trip for their final project.

Old Word Friday: Throttlebottom


Firstly, no, I did not make that word up.

Secondly, yes, it is actually a real word that has a real meaning.

Throttlebottom is a name given to a dishonest public official.

The word became popular around the 1930s after a character (Adam Throttlebottom) from the play Of Thee I Sing.


People say that Mayor Quimby of Springfield is a real throttlebottom.


His actions regarding the murder showed use he was a throttlebottom.

Old Word Friday: Interrobang

This isn’t as much as an old word as it is a forgotten form of punctuation. An interrobang (‽) was the original form for the modern !?!? and the fact we don’t use the interrobang instead is just us as a society being lazy.

So, here are some fun examples of the sadly forgotten interrobang.

What do you think you’re doing‽

Why the hell did you not use an interrobang‽

Say what‽

No way, really‽

I can go on, but I think you get the point. Whenever you want to use this !? please for the sake of society try using ‽ … all right, rant complete for now.

Here are some links on how to add interrobangs into your word, if you don’t have them set up already. I tested them, so I know they work. 🙂

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