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3 Reasons to Make Your First Book Free


Click the picture to find out what those three reasons are. 🙂

Books I Like List

All right. As many of you now know, although I’m a writer I’m not one for reading. I read because I have to most of the time. I read to learn… and it is really hard for me to find a book I actually enjoy reading. So, one of you lovely readers asked me to give you a list of books that I’ve actually enjoyed reading. This is that list.

Feed by MT Anderson

Feed is about a future where everyone is hooked up to the internet by chips in their brains and a group of kids are disconnected for a short time due to a ‘hack’. You want a reason why people shouldn’t be hooked up to the internet by their brain this is a good book to show you the reasons why.

Although the dialogue is hard to get passed with a lot of broken English and slang. This is a great book to give you insight into a different kind of dystopia that may be closer to reality than anyone wants to admit.

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Introduced to me by a retired math teacher on one of my family vacations across Ontario, Outlander because a quick favourite of mine. It follows a WWII nurse after the war that gets pulled back to 1743 Scotland. It’s full of romance, adventure, and danger.

As much as I loved the first book… I honestly believe that’s where it should have ended. I didn’t enjoy the rest of the series as it followed similar tropes from the previous book…

Earth Children Series by Jean Auel

This was the first ever series I read. I was thirteen years old and couldn’t escape the prehistoric world of this series. It follows a young girl named Ayla through surviving the post ice age landscape. Also filled with romance, adventure, self-discovery, and history.

I loved Clan of the Cave Bear, Valley of the Horses, Mammoth Hunter, and Plains of Passage. These were all great books, and although the ending to Plains of Passage was open ended – that was a great place to stop.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. There were two more books… The Land of Painted Caves and The Shelter of Stone.

Although I read these two books, I found that they followed the same themes as the other books with no real change. Ayla and Jondalar get in a fight. They split for some time. They pine over one another and get jealous when they are with other people. Other people say they are made for each other. They end up back together. Rinse and repeat…

Sure there are other things going on that are different but the main storyline is the same…

So, yeah… read the first four books and forget the last two in my opinion.

Mitch Albom Books

I am going to list the books I’ve read here and to save time – I love them all. They are each a human story. You feel emotionally invested in the characters and can relate on some level to what is going on. Never have I loved an author so much, and never have I been torn to pieces by writing before. I’ve read the books over a dozen times and even though I know the stories word for word I still can’t help myself from becoming a blubbering mess of tears. In order of favourites:

  • The Five People You Meet In Heaven < 9 times read
  • Have a Little Faith < 3 times read
  • For One More Day < 2 times read
  • The Time Keeper < 1 time read
  • Tuesdays With Morrie < 1 time read

Total of times I’ve read a Mitch Albom book: 16 times…

Yeah… I love his writing. 😛



30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 20 – Crushes

Talk About Three Celebrity Crushes

This one is tough because I never think I ever had a celebrity crush… unless fictional animated characters are a thing… no… I’m going to change this question to:

Talk About Three Celebrities You Would Want To Meet

This question is easier, just because there are three people I want to meet. Their level of fame varies but they are celebrities all the same.


Princess Diana 

This woman was one of my role models when I was growing up. Suffering from depression, Diana decided to fight against it and become the centre point of many charities. She was why I fell in love with charity work, and really the first British person I loved before Doctor
Nine. princessdi

Tragically she passed away, and that was probably the first time I ever cried over someone I didn’t know. I remember watching the announcement about the car crash. I was really young but it was vivid enough for me to remember sitting with my knees in my chest clutching to my bunny bear watching British people talk about how tragic it was.

I know I would never be able to sit down with her to share a meal and discuss charity work and family, but she would be the number one person on my list anyways.


William Shakespeare 

Some of you may be surprised to hear there one, other’s who have followed my blog for a while KNOW my obsession with Mr. Billy S. shakespeare-sunglasses

I actually should mention that it was one teacher of mine in elementary school that helped me fall in love with Shakespeare. It was her passion and love for his plays and sonnets that transferred to me. It was thanks to her that I memorized most of Romeo and Juliet.

He is the master of the written word, and father to many of the words of the English language. He is a theatre buff and lived during a time that – asides from the black death – is a place I would want to travel back and see for its history.

Another dead celebrity but still a celebrity.


Mitch Albom

This man is my favourite author and if I could have just five minutes to tell him that to his face my life would be fulfilled. Transfer15837 0060

The first book I read by him was during a literature theory class in grade 12. It is probably his best known work Tuesdays With Morrie. This was the first book that broke me down to
tears. Although you know from the beginning that Morrie is going to die – after all the book is a memoir for the man – you still feel like a part of you is lost with the loss of Morrie.

I knew after reading that book I had to read the rest of Albom’s works. I don’t usually collect books – asides from certain series – but Albom’s works are among my favourite. The way he encapsulates mortality and humanity into his pieces are just jaw dropping.

Like I said above, if I could have just five minutes with him my life would be complete. If I could sit down and talk to him about his process I think I’d just die right there on the spot.

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 18 – 30 Facts


Post 30 Facts About Yourself

  1. I’m named after a Star Trek character (Deanna Troi)
  2. I’m 24 – soon to be 25 – years old
  3. I have two university degrees a BA in English and BEd
  4. I wrote my first book at 14 but never published
  5. My favourite sushi is BBQ Eel and Octopus
  6. My favourite drink is Pama, Ginger ale, and Grenadine
  7. I dislike reading – asides from blogs and certain books
  8. My favourite cats are Scottish Folds
  9. My favourite dogs are Schnauzer/ Poodle mix – Schnoodle, anyone?
  10. My favourite water mammal is the Manatee
  11. My favourite bird is the Burrowing Owl
  12. My dream job is to be a professional writer (duh!)
  13. My goal is to give half the money I make from my books to charity
  14. My favourite charity is VocaliD
  15. My favourite band if Fleetwood Mac
  16. My favourite singer is Tom Petty
  17. If I didn’t ever have to work again I would volunteer my time teaching the importance of reading and writing. The other half of my time I would visit kids in hospitals and try to put a smile on their face. (I’ll even dress up as a clown).
  18. Oh, I’m afraid of clowns… IT ruined them for me
  19. My favourite author is Mitch Albom
  20. If I lived in my book world I would want to be a Northern Nest Guardian. Dealing with baby gryphons would be amazing!! ^.^
  21. I have two tattoos. One of the Gods Mark – from my book – on my back. The other of a bunny on my ribs.
  22. My favourite book is Five People You Meet In Heaven, by Mitch Albom.
  23. I’m have an allergic reaction to beef.
  24. I was supposed to go into psychology in university but changed my major to English second year.
  25. I have a green thumb… I can’t kill plants even if I try.
  26. I can crochet anything – I don’t need patterns my brain works out the pattern for me.
  27. My favourite video game is Dragon Age Inquisition.
  28. My first video game was Harvest Moon on Nintendo 64
  29. If I could have a Pokemon it would be Eevee, as she can evolve into so many different types.
  30. I just got an official website set up for my book – still in progress.


And there you have it, 30 Facts about me. 🙂

5 Way to Freshen Your House With Lemon


Lemon is an easy, cheap, fresh-smelling natural way to clean anything in your house quickly and with little fuss. Here are 5 ways you can use lemon to give your home that refreshing citrus clean that anyone in your family will love.

I also give all these uses two thumbs up since these have been tested by me and my family for years! J


Roll your lemon against the kitchen counter to get the juices flowing before cutting it in half.

In a separate bowl make a mixture of baking soda and coarse salt (two tablespoons of each). Sprinkle the mixture around your tub, and with one half of the lemon, scrub the mixture around as if the lemon was a cloth. The lemon will react with the baking soda to create a white fizz that will help break down the dirt and soap scum lining your tub.

Rise with warm water, and voila – sparkling clean tub!


Take a half cup of baking soda and put it down the drain. Don’t use water!

The baking soda should be able to go down on its own. Once the soda is down the drain, take half a cup of lemon juice and pour it down the same drain. Just like the bathtub mentioned above the lemon and soda will react causing a white fizz that will clean your stinky drain. You can use the white fizz and a cloth to clean around the bottom, sides, and edges of the sink to leave it shimmering.

For extra effectiveness add a quarter cup of white vinegar and set down the plunger. The pressure from the lemon, vinegar, and baking soda will help push any remaining food particles free. This can also be a natural way of removing clogs!

Leave your sink for 25-30 minutes before running hot water for 2-3 minutes to ensure everything is washed away.


In a small pot add half a lemon sliced into circles and 2-3 inches of water. If you wish to add more to this aroma you can (vanilla extract, apples, and cloves for example).  Bring the water to a boil, and then set to shimmer.

Boiling the lemon will release it into the air making your house smell fresh for visitors.


Does your fridge smell ripe?

Take half a lemon and leave it resting on one of the shelves of your fridge for anywhere between 5-10 hours. I would suggest doing this before bed. By the time you get up your fridge shouldn’t smell like the produce aisle at the grocery store any longer.


Getting self-conscious of your shoes smelling? Don’t have enough to buy a new pair, or maybe you just like your sneakers too much to throw them away?

No, problem!

Placing slices of lemon inside your shoes will fix that problem. Cut the lemon put them in your shoes and go to sleep. Overnight the lemon will work its magic absorbing the smells and killing the bacteria so you can rest easy while you walk around in your favourite kicks.


30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 12 – Blessings/Thanks

Five Blessings In My Life

Blessings seem like a religious thing, and although I’m not against religion – actually kudos to you for following one – it isn’t something for me. I like to think of myself as a spiritual agnostic, which is a fancy way of saying I embrace everyone for being who they are and believe there is a greater force out there but they may not be Allah, God, Yahweh or so on. Also I’m lazy…

So, now that’s clarified let’s change the title to ‘Five Things I’m Thankful For’.

  1. My parents. I wouldn’t be here without them – literally, I wouldn’t exist without my parents. They gave me life. They gave me a home. They love me and support me in all my choices… some more than others. But, I know if I needed anyone by my side they would be there.
  2. Mr. Canuck. He is my SO. Without him I would be a lonely dog lady typing away on my computer to all hours of the day… or living with my dad. Probably both to be honest. I love Mr. Canuck with his humour, his tenderness, his respect. Sure, he isn’t perfect. He can drive me up the wall sometimes, but no one is perfect. Gods know I’m hard to deal with. XD
  3. My job. Although not what I went to school for or what I imagined I would be doing for 8 hrs a day 5 days a week – I am thankful for it. The benefits are I’m getting better at math, I get to be organized with filing, and people come to me to solve their issues. Sure the pay isn’t the best, but the people I work with make up for it. Not to mention the experience this job is giving me in terms of out of school experience.
  4. Living in Canada. Not only do we have universal healthcare, beavers, and lakes – we also have winter. Not a plus for you? Well, I’ll be thankful to be living in -30/-40 if a Zombie Apocalypse occurs. Those biters will be frozen solid making them easy to kill.
  5. Air… because breathing water isn’t an option for me yet… although I can’t say I haven’t tried. 😛


That’s right – I’m thankful for my readers because without you I wouldn’t be so dedicated to working on this blog. (Sorry for the four days of no posts… I have family obligations but things should be back to normal now).

As you can see the seriousness of this list went downhill very fast. To be honest, I’m thankful for everything and everyone in my life. Without them I wouldn’t be me and I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Good way to end it, Dee. Yeah! *pats self on the back*

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 7


List Ten Songs That You’re Loving Right Now

WARNING: Some songs have strong language. 


Ethnic Zorigoo Ft. Zaya (Tatar) Khuleg baatar

The song is a rap and Mongolian throat singing mix. You want music that will pump you up this is the song to do it. Whenever I’ve doing cardio or writing a scene where my characters are running/ escaping/ having an epic battle this is the song I listen to.

Oh, and the music video is pretty awesome too. I love Tibetan Mastiffs… to bad they are massive and I’m so tiny.


Wazer Wifle – Open Mind – Fallout 3 Rap

I love this song only because of it’s nerd credit. The crew that came up with this song brings back all my Fallout memories and it is easy to sing along to.


Ichirin no Hana – High And Mighty Colour

Call back to my J-Rock/ J-Pop days. I fell in love with this song in high school after hearing it as the opening of season two or three of Bleach. I just thought it was awesome, and has a similar sound to Evanescence.


Until the Day You Die – Abney Park

When I went through my Steampunk phase I couldn’t help but fall in love with Abney Park. To this day this song is on my favourites list. It just has a unique old timely sound that not many bands share.


Stardust – Gemini Syndrome

I’m all over the place when it comes to music. I think I like this band because it reminds me of Blind Guardian, Skillet, and Rise Against.


Trooper – Iron Maiden  & Army of the Night – Powerwolf

If you hear Trooper or Powerwolf blasting I’m probably pissed off at something, or need a pick-me-up. I don’t know why, but death metal/ hard rock makes me feel better…


Riptide Le Vance Joy in Gaeilge

I love the original version but there is something about kids getting together to share in their passions that makes this so much more magical. Also it is in Gaeilge (Irish Gaelic). You can’t go wrong with listening to anything in Gaeilge. (I should know… I have a vast collection of Gaeilge music…)


Rule the World – Walk Off the Earth

They are a Canadian band from Burlington, Ontario… which is like 30 minutes from where I grew up. I couldn’t help but be a proud Canadian and share the awesomeness of this band.



Fight Song – Rachel Platten 

This song… what can I say about this song…

It is powerful. It is motivating… and probably helped hold me together when I lost the most important person in my life. This song pushed me to find the light in a shitty situation, and Child of the Light was born.

This song helped me re-evaluate what I was doing with my life, and helped me realize I was happiest when writing. Life is short and you need to do what you love. My mom taught me that and the song helped me focus enough to see that.


Shut up and Dance – Walk The Moon

This song has taken over my life. I scream sing it whenever it comes on the radio… which makes it awkward when it plays at work but people are starting to realize that this is my song.

I went through an 80’s music phase in high school and this just reminds me off all the good music I had blasting on my SanDisc.

This song also reminds me of my mom, as she would have likely gotten up and scream sung the song along with me. It brings back a lot of good memories and is probably why I love this song more than I should.

I’m not going to lie… 1 million of those 157 million views are probably me. XD


Downtown – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Let’s be honest. My list wouldn’t be complete without Macklemore… he’s my boy. Plus, I love musicals and this song just radiates Rent for some reason…

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 6

List Five Ways to Win Your Heart

Sorry gentlemen, I’m taken but since I’m doing a 30 day challenge and this is the topic of the day I’ll write about the things that my man does to keep my heart. 🙂


I love food. I love trying new foods. I love eating home cooked meals. So, when Mr. Canuck offers to take me for sushi, Montana’s, Applebees, or any other place that’s soul purpose is to provide my mouth with yummy goodness he’s making me happy.

Get me food or make me food and he’s automatically in my good books. 😛

|Dish Pan Hands|

As much as I love food, I don’t like cleaning up after making it. To say I hate doing dishes would be an understatement, and at the moment we don’t have a dishwasher… so… our sink is usually a nightmare. That is until Mr. Canuck comes to the rescue and washes the dishes.

Sure, I do them sometimes but because he knows I hate doing them he does them.

|Show How Much He Cares in Public|

Now I’m not talking about making-out in the middle of the mall, or on the street. I’m simply talking about holding my hand, giving me a kiss on the cheek, or wrapping his arm around my shoulder. He even says that he loves me or compliments me. Showing that he loves me in a public places shows he isn’t afraid of showing that we are together.

Mind you he doesn’t shout that we’re together on the top of his lungs which I’m thankful for. The less subtle he is, the more happy he makes me.

|Making Plans|

I’m the planner in the relationship. If there is a vacation or a trip we have to make I’m the one that books the hotels and sets out a schedule to do things.

What really makes me happy is when he takes over some of the planning. It doesn’t have to be big. He can plan a meal or a stopping point in the trip and that generally makes me happy. But, there are the rare occasions that he takes half of the trip and plans it without telling me.

That there is why I love my man. (o^.^o)


Nothing gets my heart than a guy that has his priorities in check. Mr. Canuck and I have been together for three years. We aren’t married, and that’s okay because eventually we plan on tying the knot. At the moment we don’t want to put our money into something like a wedding when there are other things we want first.

Our own house. Better jobs. Pets. Move closer to family. Those are all things we have prioritized before getting married and the fact that Mr. Canuck has the same/ similar priorities as me makes my heart sing.


|House Cleaning|

Now just like planning, I do most of the house cleaning. That means laundry, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, vacuum, dusting, windows… so-on-so-forth.

When I was in my last year of schooling and even now that I’m pretty much working two/three jobs (heading accounts payable, author, blogger) meaning I work from 8am-12am everyday. Due to my crazy overtime in everything the house work has taken a back-seat. That is until Mr. Canuck realizes I’m overloaded and decides to clean the bathroom for me or tidy the kitchen or do the laundry.

It isn’t much, but it shows he’s supporting me in my goals of wanting to be a full-time writer and that means a lot to me. 🙂

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 1


I needed something to work on and write about on this blog so I decided to challenge myself with the 30 Day Writing Challenge. Every day for the next 30 days I will have to write something on my blog using a prompt found from this link.

So, let’s beginning.

Day 1: List Ten (10) Things That Make You Really Happy


This should come as no surprise to some, since I’m a writer… and find myself always writing something. It is an escape for me, not a job. I find writing fun and helps me explore different situations in a safe environment. I get to go on adventures to other worlds and create people from experiences. Writing is amazing!

Two | MR. CANUCK |

I’ve mentioned him a couple of times on this blog but I never really go into detail about him. Mr. C is my Significant Other who works his butt off to make sure we are living a good life. He doesn’t give himself enough credit, and is self-deprecating but he’s my everything. He’s my biggest fan, and cheerleader. Even though he doesn’t share the same passion I have with writing he listens to me talk about my story until I explode. He has a great sense of humour, and have been my biggest support. No matter how down I feel Mr. C knows how to make me happy.

Three | MY PARENTS |

My mom was my best friend and biggest support. If I needed someone to go to bats for me she would be the first one there. People called her mother bear, and she struct fear into many people who wronged her company, friends, or family. She may have been tiny but she was fierce.

My dad is more behind the scenes, but if I need him he is there. He’s my support system when I need to talk, and he’s got a great sense of humour. He is hard working, and makes me jealous on how dedicated he can be with his job… I didn’t inherit that from him. Although our work ethic isn’t the same, I am a mini version of him and at times we don’t never have to talk to know what one another is thinking. Whenever my mom needed help with trying to understand him she would ask me questions, and normally I would be right on the ball. I’m a mini him, and I couldn’t be prouder of that fact.

Four | FAMILY |

I’m talking distant family now like aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and so on. Both sides live across Canada… and some overseas… but if I ever needed anything I know they are there for me. When we get together we have a blast, and time blurs. If I ever need a pick-me-up I just have to go to a family get together and all my melancholy goes away.

Five | FRIENDS |

I don’t have many friends but the friends I do have I’ve had for life. Sometimes they annoy me, but who doesn’t. Most of the time I annoy them. XD

To be honest, I love my friends and without them I probably wouldn’t have survived high school or life without them. They give me advice… I give them advice even if they don’t want it. Some had even helped edit my first book – which they are amazing for doing that.

When I can’t be with family I be with those I chose to be my family, and they help me remember to cut loose and have fun.


I’m not talking about nature… I’m talking about the game.

The Forest is probably my favourite game in the whole world and it’s not even out of alpha. I’ve been part of the game development since they started and I’ve seen this game go from simple play to run your butt to the closest water source in hopes of escaping the herd of cannibals after you.

It is survive The Hatchet meets The Hills Have Eyes and I love love love it.

I’ve lost so many hours building an ultra fortress and hunting lizards that I don’t feel bad about myself any more. Maybe I will share some play-by-play fan-fiction I’ve been working on…

Yeah… I’m that into this game that I’m writing fan-fiction.


Yes, being an adult sucks… but there are things about being an adult that doesn’t suck. I ate a whole box of turtles yesterday (the chocolates not the reptiles) and sure I hated myself afterwards but I wasn’t scolded for it. I chose to do that.

I can also choose how I want to spend my time. I don’t have to go to school and don’t have homework. Sure I have a job, but I get money for it that I spend on sustaining my life or getting things I like or we (Mr. C and I) want.

Sure, there are moments adulting is hard… but the majority of the time it is awesome.

Eight | THE FOREST |

I’m talking about nature this time.

I love talking walks in the woods or sitting by the lake and ignoring the world around me. Nothing makes me happier than being reminded how small of a person I am in a vast world. My actions are a small ripple in a large ocean, but I’m okay with that. I’m making ripples, which means I’m making changes and that is awesome.

Nature makes me more philosophical…

Nine | OWLS |

Random I know, but their big eyes and feathery bodies just make me so happy. I love owls. I have an owl bag, owl candle holder, owl wallet, owl shirt, owl stuffed animal, owl display picture, owl agenda, owl notebook, owl pen…

Yeah… I have a problem… but the first step is admitting I have a problem… right?


Nothing makes you feel like you aren’t a failure in life than when you learn something new. Life is filled with an abundance of information just waiting to be discovered, and whenever I learn something know I get this giddy feeling in my stomach.

I love learning new things. Learning new things leads to me being able to writing new experiences, which leads to me being super happy because I’ve incorporated my two favourite things into one. 🙂

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