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Escaping the Ordinary

Hello World Out There World!

Escaping the ordinary, we try to do that everyday without even realizing it. We watch shows about other peoples lives, explore the internet, write, paint, socialize. We are afraid to be ordinary and although we may think we live ordinary lives the truth is we don’t.

Every day billions of people have billions of unique experiences. No ones life is the same. No ones life copies another.Sure, you may work at the same job or live in the same neighborhood but we all don’t have the same views or conversations.

We are not ordinary.

Still, there is the mundane events that to us appear to be ordinary. I know that I write for the sake of escaping the world because I find it boring. I escape to a world of my creation because I can have characters do things in that world that can’t be done here – like fight dragons, or use magic. But if they were real, I’m sure they would think their lives were as ordinary as mine.

As much as we want to escape the ordinary we do not see that we are not ordinary at all.

We each have skills others may not have. We each have a way of seeing the world others may not share. Our drive to be different, our drive to be extraordinary is strong in all of us… even though we don’t see how extraordinary we all already are.

Ugly First Draft

Not all that you  write is going to be beautiful. Sometimes when you get the words down on
the page you do not see the mistakes you’ve made or the words you’ve missed. It is when you read the paragraph or page back you realize what a mess you’ve made.

A mess yes but something that is able to be fixed.myquote

You can’t fix something that isn’t written down and that’s why in a strange way I love ugly writing. Most of my first draft is made up of nonsensical sentences or half-finished ideas. When I read it back I know the words don’t flow and the images don’t work. To those listening to me read aloud probably believe I have no actual writing skills.

I accept that. I understand.

Everyone has their own process… but when you hear the nonsense I’m sputtering out I hear potential. Those images that don’t work are being painted before my eyes and those words that don’t flow begin to grow.

First drafts are meant to be ugly. They are to show you the potential of the story you’re creating. It’s when you put the work in, make the changes you need to fit the pieces all together, that you realize your words were never ugly – they were the duckling growing into a swan.

Your Book Is Needed

Recently there has been a big change in my life. As some of you know I moved across Ontario to be closer to family. So far everything has been going smoothly with getting settled into our new place, getting internet for Mr. Canuck and mine web lives – like blogging, Facebook, and gaming.

The only downfall to this move is the fact I’m back to where I was a year ago. Jobless and stressed out about being jobless.

Yes, this gives me time to focus on my book and I’ve been trying to do that… but most of you that write know that there is a certain mindset you like to be in to write. Sure, those famous writers out there say to just write no matter what but we all know that you can write anything but that doesn’t mean it will be good. When you’re in your right mindset the words flow easier and you get a lot of writing done – it is just how you are and nothing is wrong with that.

The problem I’m having right now is that the stress of being jobless is causing my writing mindset to not appear. Due to this stress I’ve been having a very hard time trying to find the motivation to work on my draft, which isn’t good because… well I’m supposed to start working on the publishing part come June.

So, yeah… that’s what’s happening right now. Stress of no work = no writing… which freaking sucks.

With that said that isn’t the reason why I posted this. The reason for this quote is because I want to try and motivate myself into being able to write today. I want to write and need to write. Not because of the impending due date but because I haven’t written in a while and it feels like I’m missing a piece of my happiness when I’m not putting words to paper… well word document.

“Somebody out there needs your book,” is what needsyourbookgoes through my head whenever I stare
blankly at the screen. Somebody will like my book. Somebody will learn, love, thrive from reading my book. As an author – writer – we have the power to motivate people through our words. Our characters have the power to infiltrate our readers lives and attach themselves to their soul. There have been characters from books that still have a special place in my heart like any good friend and there have been books that I had needed to read to help me through hard times. Just like you have a favourite character, just like you needed to hear the words written by your favourite author – there is/ will be someone that will think the same about your work.

It may be one person. It may be dozens of people… but there is at least somebody out there that needs what you’re writing. Don’t you owe it to them to write them that book?


Feeling Right About Rewriting

For a while I had the hardest time with rewriting. Not that I couldn’t do it or didn’t like doing it… it was more I would rewrite everything and leave nothing of my original work. I wouldn’t be able to stop myself, breathe, and reflect on the potential of what I had already written.8f82675d2eb7c20fefaf0f6bddf36d7c

This was the issue I had with my first book. When I wrote book one I first wrote it out by hand. I thought it would help me reduce my chances of rewriting too much if I forced myself with taking time physically writing each word than word vomiting like I do on the laptop. Writing out my story by hand did help slow me down and help me work through the writing process. It allowed me to critically think about my characters and the plot development. It even helped me find my voice when it came to writing my story. The sad part was, the story I had in the notebook though was nothing like the story that I eventually published.

Yes, the characters stayed the same… but the storyline was completely different.

I think the reason why the story was altered to much from what I originally planned was because the basic characters I had started with transformed into more complex people. The world I had created had more depths to it, and the story I was telling wasn’t working for the story I wanted to tell. Writing out my first draft by hand helped me realize the real story I wanted to tell.

I don’t regret the changes I’ve made. I look back at the work in the notebook and realize all this rewriting I did, all the cutting, all the plot changes were worth it. I made the mistake of not planning my first book. I had an idea of what I wanted but didn’t know how to put it on paper. It was writing out what came to my mind and reviewing what I had written that I discovered the deeper story within  – leading to my complete rewrite of what I originally had.

For my first book I’m incredibly impressed with how it turned out but in a way it is also saddens me that the original story in the notebook will never be shared in the same sense… I could share it with you on this blog but it isn’t my character’s story any more. The notebook was my idea that lead to my writing adventure. So, as much as it saddens me that I will be the only one to look at those pages it also makes me happy that something came of what I first wrote.

Now I’m working through the second book of the series rewriting has been getting easier. I’ve learnt from my mistakes that I made in my first book. I did weeks/ months of planning out what I wanted this book to be about. I explored themes and did more research regarding gender roles, mental illness, and other topics I weren’t so clear about. I used my notebook this time not to write out my story but to plan out my story.

As I work through my first draft of book one I can recognize the scenes or interactions in my work that need to be rewritten or removed. I find that my second book’s draft – although taking longer to write – is going smoother than the first book’s draft. The story is clearer and I know as soon as I’ve written something that something doesn’t sound right about it. I leave it until the editing process to change, leaving *** beside what I think needs to be revised in a later review. Or, if I know right away what would improve that scene I fix it so I won’t forget the idea that would make it flow better.

As much as it is bitter sweet – knowing that your writing needs to be changed and that something you may have loved to write about needs to be cut – it is important to your story to make it the best you can. This story is yours and the best way to show you love it is by having it in a state you are proud to have other read it.

Hopefully by my sixth book I’ll have this all down to a science… but let’s be honest – there is always places to improve in writing and always ways you can make your story better. And, if you read your work and you know you can do better it only pushes you to be the best you can be.

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 27 – Butt Kicking

What Is Kicking Your Butt Right Now?

My Brain.

My brain is overwhelming at the moment. It fills my heads with thoughts that keep me up at night. Gives me ideas when I’m working on something else. Distracts me from the work I want to do. Reminds me to do work after I decide it’s time to take a break.

My brain is being a real jerk. funny-192.jpg-c200

I try to shut it up with watching movies. Stepping away from my projects for a little bit, thinking maybe that’s why my brain is being overwhelmed. I get some piece for a short amount of time… but then it goes back to guilting me that I’m not being productive. I try to eat – you need to work. I try to sleep – you need to work. I go for a walk – you need to work. I’m on vacation – you need to work.

Suffice to say… I’m not impressed with how my brain is handling life right now. -.-‘

It Takes Time


Sometimes when you have written/ published something you need to remind yourself that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Even though you’ve completed your book, published it, and have a readership interested in it you’re not going to sell a million copies overnight. That is an unrealistic goal. You should be happy if your book is selling. You should be happy that people have taken interest in your work but instead you’re overwhelmed – dare I say… apathetic.

200_sWith hearing stories, reading blog posts, or articles on people going viral with their writing it’s hard to accept that what you’ve done is good. Actually, before you continue reading this give yourself a pat on the back because you deserve it. You’ve gotten this far and be proud of what you’ve achieved. Not many have gotten to the place you are. Writing isn’t as easy as everyone thinks.

Now let’s continue.

The reason you may be so apathetic to what you’ve done is due to how society perceives achievement. Like in middle school or high school popularity in writing is what we writers view as success. Maze Runner, Game of Thrones, Twilight, Harry Potter, Divergent, and Hunger Games have made wanting to be a writer popular and some part of us wouldn’t mind having our characters become the next Thomas or Katniss.

But, not every piece of writing is going to be popular right away. Some Game of Thrones booktimes the best things in the world take time. Shakespeare took a lifetime to become one of the greatest writers of history. Da Vinci took years… heck centuries for his talents to be recognized. Stoner, Kafka, Catch-22 and other now popular books took years to be recognized (more books listed HERE). Even the popular books mentioned in the paragraph above weren’t main stream until later one in their careers – I’m talking about you GoT (Book 1 published 1996).

So, why are you apathetic towards the hard work you’ve done? Why do you perceive the books you’ve sold as a failure?

Firstly, lets look at the word failure. To fail is to not be successful and so in that sense if your goal was to have people read your book and you have a person or people reading your book then you are not a failure. An epic book fail would mean not getting any interest in your book. In all manner of the word your book is not a failure. If your book made 10 sales it wouldn’t be a failure. If your book made 1 sale is wouldn’t be a failure because there is one person in this world reading your book. One person is reading a story that wouldn’t ac6a516d6df74c2fb4d7d9e6a98c1e66have existed if you hadn’t written it. Therefore as long as you have made more than zero sales your book is not a failure! And hey, if you haven’t gotten anyone reading your book you didn’t fail. You learned something and you take what you’ve learned to make something better or improve upon what you have already made. We all fail at one point but what we choose to do with that failure is what really shows what type of person you are. Take this experience and learn from it – don’t let it destroy your passion or your confidence.

Eventually your book will grow a larger readership – if you continue writing and bringing attention to it. We all have to start somewhere but in the world of social media where we get instant results it’s hard to remind yourself that what you’re doing may take time. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Most books aren’t written in an afternoon. Most dreams do take a lifetime. Not everything is instant… not everything happens at once. This is what you’ll have to keep reminding yourself of when you look at your book. That in time its popularity may grow. That its message will be shared.

Honestly, as much as you may like the thought of your book becoming the next best-seller that shouldn’t be the reason and probably isn’t the reason you wrote this book in the first place. This is a story you wanted to share. These are topics, characters, ideas you wanted the world to read about. You should write for you and publish for you – not anyone else.

So, calm down and take a breath. Admire the work that you MontreGousset001have done and the beautiful piece of writing you’ve created. You need to remember why you wrote that book and wanted to share it with the world. It’s a story you love and in time there will be like-minded people who will love it too.

But at the moment you have to remember – it takes time.

I was born to do this

There has always been one constant in my life. That is writing.

I am happiest when writing. I am saddest when writing. I am freest when writing. I am most alive when writing.

Writing helps me relax. Writing helps me be expressive and creative. Writing helps me work through my problems and find answers to questions.

Writing motivates me to learn. Writing motivates me to share.

Writing makes me grow, improve, develop and challenge myself in ways I never thought possible.

Writing is what I feel I need to do.

It is what I was born to do.

Only Fear


All my life I’ve been afraid.

I was afraid of the dark. I was afraid of disappointing my parents. I was afraid of the kids in my school, and afraid of what my teachers thought of me.

I was afraid of the future. I was afraid of my actions leading to trouble.

I was afraid to be me.

For most of my life I was afraid. For most of my life I didn’t take chances, or make certain choices because I was afraid what would happen.

I stayed safe. I went unnoticed and I was okay with that. Going unnoticed meant I wasn’t doing anything that would call for punishment.

Now, don’t take all of this as I had a terrible childhood. I wasn’t abused or neglected. Heck, I had a great childhood with wonderful parents who did all they could to see me succeed in this world. I was lucky, I know that. But, with all the support I had and love I had… I was still afraid.

I was mostly afraid of what people would think of me, if I was wanting to be myself.

The closest thing I had to being able to show myself was writing. I could create situations I would not be judged in. I would make my characters do things that might not have been considered the social norm. They didn’t get judge. They were not afraid.

That’s when I realized that I needed to change how I was.

There was a world around me to explore and chances I could take that would either end well or not so well.

The world had no right to judge me… because it knew nothing about me.

It took 24 years and a quarter life crisis to make me realize that everything I had been afraid of was made up in my own mind. My scum-bag brain had created situations that never would happen. The voices I believed were from those around me, was my own.

As soon as I realized that, it was like a weight lifted off my shoulders. The world opened up to me, and hell… for a moment it made me feel unstoppable.

I want to publish a book now more than I ever had before, because that’s what I want to do. I don’t want to be afraid any more.

All I want to fear from this day forward is fear itself.

…Let’s see how I do… XD

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