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Basic Book Covers

As some of you may know I’ve been publishing things on Wattpad since yesterday and I’ve already put up three stories.

One is Book 1 of the Prophecy Six Series. The second is the unedited version for Book 2 of the Prophecy Six Series. The third is a book I’ve been hemming and hawing about the last couple months on what to do with it. Since I don’t want to use the real covers for my Wattpad account I’ve made my own from photos I’ve taken over the years. I decided I would share them with you.

sundown  wattpadcoverbook2  titlepageforgenius

If you wish to explore any of these stories further CLICK HERE or on the cover that interests you!

Bits of Book 2:”Repent an’ I’ll forgive yah”

There was the crackling of explosions in the distance. The familiar echoing of cries muffled by the clashing of metal. His back was wet as his head pounded. He looked up at the burnt sky. A funnel of smoke snaked across his view.

This wasn’t Menk.

Sitting up, he felt the put of his stomach sink. The blood was in the air as blue tattered capes flapped in the wind. The noble war beasts lay like burial mounds as he pulled himself to his feet. He spun, trying to make sense of what he was seeing. He couldn’t possibly be back here. It had been years since he stood knee deep in his personal hell.

“Foe…” he heard his name across the field as he bolted in the direction.

This wasn’t real. This couldn’t have been real.

He stopped, seeing the young man pinned under the black beast. Blood dripped from his lips staining his ginger beard. A gash was across his forehead and his crown was buried behind him in the muck.

“Cain,” Foe gasped, leaping into action to pry away the creature laying atop of the King. “Stay still, me boy. I’ll get yah free.”

“Boy?” Cain gave a moist laugh, spitting blood across the front of his armour. “I’m older than yah. Must’ve hit yar head harder than yah thought, eh?”

Foe forced a laugh, pulling the man out of the muck before collapsing beside him. This scene haunted his dreams but never with such detail. He could feel the mud seeping into his boots and squishing between his fingers as he leaned his weight back.  Blood filled the air, along with the sulfur they used in the pop pots. His eyes burnt from the smoke, and ears still faintly buzzed from the explosion.

“I shouldn’ve listened to yah,” Cain croaked. His emerald eyes peered up to the sky. They glistened with tears as they ran down his temples and into his matted locks. “We’d be alive if not for yah.”

“Aye, I know…” Foe breathed heavily through his nose, pressing his eyes shut. He didn’t need some bloody nightmare to remind him of his guilt.

He had pushed for a frontal assault. He had believed he had thought everything through. He had considered their enemy but it was his allies that he had forgotten to count.

They lit the pop pots early. The explosion went off before they had cleared the field. He had convinced them of the plan. He had given the signal to light the pots. It was his fault.

“Rio, Mac, Der, Javi… Me,” Cain listed, “we’re all dead cause of yar stupid mistake. Yah know how good the world would be if I was still alive. If I was still King we’d ‘ave pushed the lines… not sit like me brother’s doin’.”

“I know… yah don’ think I know…” Foe growled, “not a day goes by that I don’ think of what happened. I would do anythin’ to right me wrongs. I’d do anythin’ to bring yah peace.”

“Repent,” Cain muttered, struggling to reach for his dagger. His fingers wrapped around the hilt as he pulled it from the sheath. The silver blade glistened like fire in the dim dank trenches. “Repent an’ I’ll forgive yah.”

Doing research for a Novel


This quote always makes me laugh, because it is so fracking true!

Being a writer doesn’t just consist of writing, it consists of a lot of research.

As a writer you have to be willing to explore topics that might bore you, scare you, or make you look like a psychopath to those around you…

I’ll post more on that later.

As a writer you constantly learn new things and have to know what you are writing about, because there will always be that one reader that will point out the flaws; for example: Interstellar and interstellar travel, or Twilight and sparkle vampires… =.=

Anywho… my point is this.

If you are going to write on a topic or something based in reality, you need to educate yourself on the topic… and most writers do without realizing it. XD

UPDATE: And it begins…


So much for leaving it to percolate…

I have officially begun typing out my second draft.

What can I say? I’m overly invested in seeing this come to life; I can’t stop now. XD

Updates: Chapter 10!


Completed Chapter 9 this morning and now I’m onto Chapter 10. Yay! Everything is coming together… I see the end in sight. XD

Dialogue Prompt: One way

“Caldor’s room is right down this hall.” Liora pointed to the long corridor before them. “We’ll find the book in there.”

“And what do we do once we get it?” Gornard watched as she shrugged. “You don’t know?”

“I haven’t gotten to that point… yet. I’m not usually the type to break into peoples’ rooms for shits and giggles.”

They stopped in front of the door. No one was in the hall asides from them. The other scholars were either in the lecture halls or libraries at this time of day.

She reached for the set of keys that hung from her belt. Fumbling around with the keys on the ring, Liora jumped at the loud crashing sound of Gornard’s foot on the wooden door. The door flew open, banging hard against the stone wall. Liora wasn’t sure how to react. The noise was loud, and as she looked down each side of the hall, no one had appeared to investigate.

“Well, that was one way of doing it,” she tried not to yell but the words came out louder than she had wanted them to. She watched Gornard hurry into the room, quickly lowering her voice into a harsh whisper.

“You know, we could have used keys like normal people.”

“No time. Where’s the book?”

At first she believed things were going to be easy with Gornard. He would be her muscle, and she would be the brains. That’s the funny thing about plans; they rarely go the way you want them to.

“Over there, on his desk.” She pointed to the large oak desk near the far window. There was no point in trying to be discreet now. It wouldn’t take much for her tutor to figure out that this was her doing. “Grab it and lets go.”

Keep Calm. It is only a first draft.

This. Yeah, that quote right up there pretty much sums up my writing anxiety perfectly.

I want my first draft to be my last/ only draft. Yes, I know that is unrealistic; yet, my mind still thinks these silly things. Just like my brain tells my hand to write He instead of She or Wold instead of Would (-.-).

I think I think too quickly sometimes and my brain is shouting, “Damn it Hand, keep up!”

My hand is probably shouting back, “I’m given ‘er all I got, Captain.”

Maybe I’m giving my hand some unneeded anxiety issues?

Anyways… moving on…

My new goal for getting this first book done is to continuously remind myself to calm down. I even force myself at times to make a mistake to help me stay motivated to change it later. I have even started writing things in the margins of some of my pages to make sure I remember what I need to change.

Nothing is perfect. Not a first draft, and not even the final draft. There is always room to improve.

“If you don’t see the book you want on the shelf, write it.” – Beverly Cleary

So, here I am. First post on my new blog in hopes to capture some of you peoples’ attention.

Firstly, I am not a writer. Well, I am in some sense of the word. I write. I enjoy the act of writing, and I spend a good portion of my time with a pen in my hand scribbling down whatever nonsense erupts from my imagination.

Maybe I should say, I am not a professional writer. I don’t write to make a living. I don’t write to make money from selling articles or posting on this blog. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to (I just haven’t gotten there yet).

In truth, ever since I could remember I wanted to be a writer. I dreamed of people reading my novel and was thrilled to hear comments about my work. Of course it wasn’t always like that.

When I was much younger I hated the act of having to write and read. I saw no point and didn’t believe it could change my point of view, or help me in any way. It was only once I was in grade 8 that I took up the challenge.

You see, I’m a stubborn person and at that time a stubborn child. When I didn’t want to do something I wouldn’t do it. I had to choose to do it. And so, this leads back to the quote in the title.

“If you don’t see the book you want on the shelf, write it.”

The books we were forced to read in class were not interesting to me. The books in the library were boring. It actually turned out I didn’t have a learning disability… I actually could read. I could read better than most of the children my age, but there was nothing around me to interest me. Until I happened across the Jean Auel Series. I loved those books, but sadly the last book of the series ended *cough* badly… and so I took the challenge to write a book that had a better ending.

‘How could that be hard? Writing a book is totally easy,” said my teenage brain.

I replaced my obsession with reading that series for a pencil and from that moment on I didn’t stop.

No really I didn’t. I had teachers taking my notebook away from me in classes, and banning me from writing unless it was in regards to class work. My parents even had to check on me to make sure I would sleep and not hide under my covers writing with a flashlight under the sheets…

Grade 8 was the year I gave way to my imagination and created a world that felt as real to me as the keyboard I’m typing on. I could imagine the smell of the forest, the sounds of the birds and the height of the buildings. The world grew with me, along with my characters and their adventures until this year.

This year was the year I decided I would stop writing short stories. Stop writing snippets never to be seen by others. This year I decided I wanted to share my world with others.

If you don’t see the book you want on the shelf, write it.

And that is what I’m going to do.

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