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Update: 5 Days!


5 days! To go… I can’t believe it and just as I’m adding my finishing touches OneDrive dies on me. Thanks a lot Microsoft… not cool.

Oh well, I still have five days… which honestly isn’t a long time but I am determined to publish on the 20th damn it! So Gods help me!


Anyways… that’s all I wanted to let you all know. Oh and this:


For those of your that haven’t checked out my About Prophecy 6 page where I give a synopsis of the first book and show you the fancy new cover page. Well, you get to see the fancy new cover page now. 🙂

Wishing you all a happy holidays and I’ll update all of you again soon.


UPDATE: At least I did something…

As you all know from reading the Gone Camping post, I went away for a week. What? I’m allowed to go on a vacation in the middle of the woods for a week. I will have you know I was productive while I was mostly technology free. I brought my laptop so I could continue my work on my book.

And, so without further delay…

CHAPTER 8 is near completion! YAY, Progress! 🙂

Here’s proof:


UPDATE: And it begins…


So much for leaving it to percolate…

I have officially begun typing out my second draft.

What can I say? I’m overly invested in seeing this come to life; I can’t stop now. XD

Writing is like driving a car…

I like this quote because it is probably the closest I can find to explaining the writing experience I have. Just like driving, you have an general idea of where you are going or where you are going to end up. This is like a outline; your plan on what you want to happen in your story. It is the driving part to get to your destination which is filled with mysteries. You don’t know if you’ll have to stop or take a different street to get where you want to go. You have no idea that by the time you get to your destination if you are wanting to be there.

At the moment, I’m on a road at night driving with my headlights; hopefully, sometime soon I will arrive at my destination. 😛

UPDATE: Onto another chapter!


Cahpter 12! I mean… Chapter 12. Actually, I’m almost through chapter 12… so I’ll be posting another update soon.

Updates: Chapter 10!


Completed Chapter 9 this morning and now I’m onto Chapter 10. Yay! Everything is coming together… I see the end in sight. XD

UPDATE: 20th Post and onto Chapter 9!

chapter 9

PROOF! I have completed chapter 8 and now I am working on chapter 9.

Oh, this is also my 20th post! Yay, progress!

Chapter Update!

Completed chapter 7, and now I am starting chapter 8.

Chapter 8! It is great! I just want to celebrate!

Okay enough of that…

At this point in the book, the two main story lines are converging into one. How is Caldor – a stubborn Scholar – going to deal with a troublesome pre-teen girl? We shall have to wait and see… 🙂

As always, here is my proof of chapter completion:


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