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Character Build: Foe

This week’s character build is focused towards one of my most well liked characters of the Prophecy Six Series though far. He is a father figure, friendly, and at times childish but his good heart makes up for his short comings. He is a loving husband and a good father to his son. This week’s build is for Foe, Steward of Derm and Lord of Demor. So, let’s see the build:




Character Build: Cáel

Hello everybody!

This week on Character Build I’m focusing on the best friend to the main character and Prince of the North – Cáel. As many in the north have ginger hair and light complexion it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Cáel follows suit. With his curly ginger locks, pale skin covered in freckles, and strong bone structure similar to his father it is clear Cáel’s a Northerner. Here’s the build I made for reference. Enjoy! ^.^


The Flute Tree

There are many creatures in Gaitan that we earthlings will never have to worry about encountering …unless, of course, you’re joining Liora and the rest of the Six of their adventures.

One of these creatures happens to be a tree called a Flute Tree for the sound it makes when the wind blows through its leaves. Now, if you are interested in reading/ learning more about this creature tree I have provided a link that will take you directly to my other site. If you aren’t interested – then go on your way.



The List of Word Lists (Resource)


As many of you know, I’m a logomaniac – someone obsessed with words. I love finding difficult words, old/forgotten words, and fun/weird words. I share them with you through my Wonderful Word Wednesday and Old Word Friday posts, which many of you enjoy, but sometimes even I – collector of words – need help with finding the right word for a story.

When it comes to finding the right word I rely mostly on word lists found throughout the interwebs. I know I’m not alone with the need of finding good word resources for writing, so I thought I’d share with you my word list resources. Here we go. 🙂

Need another word instead of said?


190 Ways to Say Said

Said is Dead

Need words to explain an emotion?

75 Synonyms for “Angry”

Don’t Get Bored

Vocabulary of Emotion

Emotional Headlines

Need words for movement?

60 Synonyms for “Walk”

250 Ways to Say Went

50 Ways to Say Look/Seemed

Some Interesting Resource and Synonym Links:

Synonyms For

Prophecy 6 – Writing Tips and Tricks



300 + Documentaries!!

Old Word Friday: Swullocking


Depending on where you are in the world swullocking can be annoying. Swullocking can make your hair frizzy, make you feel like you’re sweating when you aren’t, and making everything around you feel sticky. Can you guess what swullocking is from that? If so, awesome job people – you get a fictional gold star! If you didn’t get it, don’t worry I’ll tell you.

Swullocking is another word for humid weather. That warm, wet, sticky weather that everyone hates but happens to be the most common weather during the summer months… in Canada at least. XD

So here are some examples of using swullocking in a sentence:

It is swullocking outside and I hate it.


The weather man said to expect swullocking today.


Replace Said Saturday: Anger


This week on replacing said we are going to be replacing said with angry words. 🙂

Let’s begin:


“Give me that, right now!” he demanded.


“Why does everyone need to see me right now?” she fumed, throwing her phone across the floor.


“You better be right about this,” he hissed.


“Don’t you dare call me a liar!” the woman barked at her husband in the produce aisle.


“I am fire! I am death!” the dragon roared.

(^Nerd reference XD^)


“Ugh, we have to do this?” the worker grunted from behind his truck.


“You dare defy me!?” the king thundered from his throne.


“Oh my god! Stop that right now!” she bellowed from the balcony.


“Shut up!” she snapped, smacking him across the face with the back of her hand.


“He was doing so much better without her,” they sneered from the corner of the room.


“I can’t believe they were out of ice cream. They are a store they should have known that people were going there to by stuff from them… why didn’t they stalk their freaking shelves,” she ranted, pushing her cart passed me before veering down another aisle.

*That was a lot of exclamation marks for one page. I’m sorry… anger and exclamation marks kind of go together.*

Wonderful Word Wednesday: Amble


Today on WWW, I present to you the word amble.

Are you tired of having your characters walking everywhere? Are you trying to find a word that shows your character is walking easily and/or aimlessly?

Well, amble is then the perfect word for you.

Some examples of Amble in a sentence:

She ambled down the hallway with the large leather text clutched to her chest.


They amble down the street, starting their evening at the Old Mill Tavern.


Replace Said Saturday: Happy


This week on replacing said, we are going to look at happy voice expressions.


“What a beautiful day to be alive,” she sang out to the world below her window.


“We can get more than one present,” the children rejoiced, bolting down the toy aisle.


“You’ve got to be kidding me,” he laughed, slapping his knee with the palm of his hand.


“What? I thought it was cute,” the girl giggled, tucking a strand of auburn hair behind her industrial piercing.


“And he looks like a monkey to,” he joked, patting his friend on the back before the group started to laugh.


“Oh, don’t worry, I’m sure Carol won’t mind if you do that,” his father jested, giving him a wink.


“This is the largest building I’ve ever been in,” the boy marvelled, spinning in a circle in the center of the main entrance.


“That’s a wonderful idea,” the woman chimed, clasping her hands together and raising them to her chest.


“You really think so?” He beamed.


“Go, Tracy! Go!” Frank cheered, as his daughter leapt over the last hurdle before the finish line.


“Oh? Here I thought I was the one in trouble,” he smirked, reminding her of a coy fox playing with its prey.


“Awe, that’s sweet,” she smiled, clutching the scarf to her cheer.

“Look how tiny he is,” she cooed.




Replacing Said Saturday: Happy


Today’s focus will be on replacing said with emotionally happy words:


“What’s that on your head?” he laughed.


“And you thought you were too short to reach the jar,” he joked.


“I should call you Buffy, with how you handled that vamp,” she jested, punching my arm.


“You can do it!” he cheered.


“What a beautiful day,” she sang.


“Oh, thank you,” she rejoiced, taking the coffee from my hands.


“You’re on smart cookie, yah know that,” he smiled then, before giving me a wink.


“Oh wow! They really did that!” the child marvelled, after Jim finished his side of the story.


“Don’t worry, grumpy gills, every things going to be fine,” she beamed, leaning forward on her toes towards me.


“Hey, stop that!” the little girl giggled, swatting at her older brother who continued to attack her with his wiggling spider-like fingers.


“No, I agree,” he chimed.

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