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Character Build: Foe

This week’s character build is focused towards one of my most well liked characters of the Prophecy Six Series though far. He is a father figure, friendly, and at times childish but his good heart makes up for his short comings. He is a loving husband and a good father to his son. This week’s build is for Foe, Steward of Derm and Lord of Demor. So, let’s see the build:




Character Build: Cáel

Hello everybody!

This week on Character Build I’m focusing on the best friend to the main character and Prince of the North – Cáel. As many in the north have ginger hair and light complexion it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Cáel follows suit. With his curly ginger locks, pale skin covered in freckles, and strong bone structure similar to his father it is clear Cáel’s a Northerner. Here’s the build I made for reference. Enjoy! ^.^


What does Meraki mean?

Today we explore the beautiful word – Meraki [may-rah-kee]. It means to do something with your soul , creativity, or love. It also means when you put something of yourself into what you do. This could be your passion for music, your desire for drawing, or your love for writing. Anything where you leave a piece of your soul/self in your work. This word I find is peaceful and fun to say. Although the word is Greek… I can’t help but think of how similar it sounds to Japanese.

Anywho… as meraki is a difficult word to use in a sentence I’ll leave some links to where you can read on how to use it in a sentence and determine the proper use… my best attempt would be:

My meraki is in everything I write.

But again, not quite sure if that is correct since… well there isn’t a lot of people who actually use this word in a sentence.

Meraki Resources:

Positive Word a Day – How to Use the Word

Manuelluz – Exploring the word deeper

A Grey Eyed Girl –  The Meaning of Meraki

Hope these help you. 🙂

For more interesting words check out my Old Word Fridays.

The List of Word Lists (Resource)


As many of you know, I’m a logomaniac – someone obsessed with words. I love finding difficult words, old/forgotten words, and fun/weird words. I share them with you through my Wonderful Word Wednesday and Old Word Friday posts, which many of you enjoy, but sometimes even I – collector of words – need help with finding the right word for a story.

When it comes to finding the right word I rely mostly on word lists found throughout the interwebs. I know I’m not alone with the need of finding good word resources for writing, so I thought I’d share with you my word list resources. Here we go. 🙂

Need another word instead of said?


190 Ways to Say Said

Said is Dead

Need words to explain an emotion?

75 Synonyms for “Angry”

Don’t Get Bored

Vocabulary of Emotion

Emotional Headlines

Need words for movement?

60 Synonyms for “Walk”

250 Ways to Say Went

50 Ways to Say Look/Seemed

Some Interesting Resource and Synonym Links:

Synonyms For

Prophecy 6 – Writing Tips and Tricks



300 + Documentaries!!

Replace Said Saturday: Anger


This week on replacing said we are going to be replacing said with angry words. 🙂

Let’s begin:


“Give me that, right now!” he demanded.


“Why does everyone need to see me right now?” she fumed, throwing her phone across the floor.


“You better be right about this,” he hissed.


“Don’t you dare call me a liar!” the woman barked at her husband in the produce aisle.


“I am fire! I am death!” the dragon roared.

(^Nerd reference XD^)


“Ugh, we have to do this?” the worker grunted from behind his truck.


“You dare defy me!?” the king thundered from his throne.


“Oh my god! Stop that right now!” she bellowed from the balcony.


“Shut up!” she snapped, smacking him across the face with the back of her hand.


“He was doing so much better without her,” they sneered from the corner of the room.


“I can’t believe they were out of ice cream. They are a store they should have known that people were going there to by stuff from them… why didn’t they stalk their freaking shelves,” she ranted, pushing her cart passed me before veering down another aisle.

*That was a lot of exclamation marks for one page. I’m sorry… anger and exclamation marks kind of go together.*

Replacing Said Saturday: Happy


Today’s focus will be on replacing said with emotionally happy words:


“What’s that on your head?” he laughed.


“And you thought you were too short to reach the jar,” he joked.


“I should call you Buffy, with how you handled that vamp,” she jested, punching my arm.


“You can do it!” he cheered.


“What a beautiful day,” she sang.


“Oh, thank you,” she rejoiced, taking the coffee from my hands.


“You’re on smart cookie, yah know that,” he smiled then, before giving me a wink.


“Oh wow! They really did that!” the child marvelled, after Jim finished his side of the story.


“Don’t worry, grumpy gills, every things going to be fine,” she beamed, leaning forward on her toes towards me.


“Hey, stop that!” the little girl giggled, swatting at her older brother who continued to attack her with his wiggling spider-like fingers.


“No, I agree,” he chimed.

The Good and Bad of Using Pinterest for Writing


All right, I’ve realized over the past week that Pinterest is both the most amazing site and worst site for my life. Since I share things with all of you I thought this would be a great subject to bring up with all of you.

Asides from wedding posts, clothing posts, and Supernatural posts (#CutSamsHair) – I use Pinterest to find writing prompts, dialogue prompts, and get tips on how to improve my writing.

The Good Parts of Using Pinterest:

It has a lot of information in one location. You can get all kinds of insight on how to improve POV or description. I personally use it to collect exciting/ emotion words to help improve my writing. I also love finding quotes or writer complaints (they hit you in the feels).

Pinterest also helps you organize these resources in boards that you can set as public or private. All mine as public, since I honestly don’t care if people see re-pins.

This site also helps you share your links. I’ve posted plenty of my Writing and Dialogue prompts, which have resulted in some of my readers here.

Hello, everyone! *Waves awkwardly… disrupting the flow of this post*


Pinterest is a great way to find people with similar interests, and share resources with those people. I find a lot of comics and quotes that I share with you on this… which brings me to my last point:

Pinterest helps inspire me to blog. I find something on my Pinterest I want to share with you, or write my opinion on I do that. Most of these rants, quotes, and writing prompts were from Pinterest or sent to be my people on Pinterest.

The Bad Parts of Using Pinterest:

The crippling doubt you get from reading a post about how to write.

These are great to give you ideas but when you read it you realize that maybe you’re writing wrong. Maybe the way you write won’t be thought of as correct and everyone will hate your writing style.

The way to make your characters the best ever and ever!

Awesome, this is helpful… in some ways but when you have developed your characters and then read these posts your thoughts start going again. Did I create a good enough character? Are people going to get my character? Are people going to love/hate this character?

Ten easy steps to writing your first book!

Now this one up here^… this point right above this sentence… I can tell you right now is bull. You know why?

Even though it gives you ten tips, they are the ten tips you already know… or honestly don’t need to know. If you enjoy writing these tips come naturally to you and by reading them you only end up over-analysing what you have written in hopes you have followed these steps.

I know these are for people you have never written a day in their lives… I understand that but when you have titles saying TEN TIPS TO WRITING THE MOST AWESOME-TASTIC FIRST BOOK EVER – I’m going to call bull.

No one can guarantee you’ll write a good book; not you, not Pinterest, not even your mom. There is no guarantee people will like what you write and by writing articles like those just makes you feel more like a failure that it didn’t turn out awesome-tastic.

Summing This Up For Those Too Lazy to Read The Whole Post:

I have a love-hate relationship with that site. It’s helpful but can be damaging at the same time.

The best advice I can give you is write the way you feel comfortable; editing is the part you want to feel scared about.

Rant done. 🙂

Question for the Comments:

What do you find is helpful about Pinterest? Not helpful? Annoying?

MASTER LIST of Facial Expressions!

Oh my Gods, yes! I needed a list like this. A master list like this is hard to find, but now there are more expressions I can use then just the generics. Awesome!

Writing Prompt: Passed Midnight


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