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Daily Prompt: I hate that guy


“I hate that guy!” Revris shouted, throwing his glove against the wall. He had held his tongue and his patience for the sake of not making a scene.

Gornard leaned against the wall, watching his God-brother stewing after the snarky remark Cael had made in the hall. The Northern Prince may have been accepting of Liora but after his experience on the front lines against the southern soldiers, Cael wasn’t so pleasant to others of the southern lands. Revris wasn’t like the other snakes Gornard had met. He kept to himself and rarely spoke to anyone outside the Six unless he had to.

“No, what yah’re feelin’ is jealousy, not hatred. There’s a difference.” Gornard grumbled, watching the man throw his second glove against the wall before sinking into the mattress at the end of his bed.

“Jealous? Why the hell would I be jealous?” Revris snipped, pulling off his boots and kicking them across the room. “I have nothing to be jealous about.”

“That there is bullshit and yah know it.” Gornard smirked, shaking his head at noticing Revris’s amber eyes narrow at the tone of his cocky retort.

Dialogue Prompt: Go Talk To Her



Dialogue Prompt: Cure Curse


“Our magic is a cure, can’t you see that. We can make a better place,” her smile made him want to believe her but his experience with his powers knew what she was saying were just hopefully words tainted by her lack of bad experiences.

“Magic isn’t a cure… it’s a curse, Lio.” He dug his nails into the railing. He didn’t look at her knowing that she was staring him down to explain his reasons for saying such ‘un-optimistic’ things. They were different. They had seen the different sides of magic. Her touch fought the demons of death, while his gave them more power.

“Maybe you’re right…” her voice was but a whisper, as he glanced up at her when hearing her soft reply. A smirk was on her lips when the warmth of her hand rested on the back of his. “Maybe it’s both.”

“Meaning what?”

“Meaning we are the one’s cursed with magic so we use it to cure the world that punished us in the first place.” Her attention changed to look out at the city below while she squeezed his hand tighter. “After all you can’t spell curse with cure.”


Dialogue Prompt: Run Away


He burst through the door catching sight of the man stuffing a canvas sack full of his belongings. The man took no notice to his friend standing in the doorway, glaring him down to those golden eyes that burned into the back of his head.

“I’m leaving, Gornard. There’s nothing you or anyone can say to change my mind,” he shoved an extra cloak into the bag before glancing over his shoulder at the large man in his doorway. The Dermite’s arms were crossed across his chest making his appear more giant than his usual hunched form.

“Yah can’t just run away every time there’s trouble,” Gornard growled.

“Sure I can… I did it before and it worked in my favour.”

“‘Cause yah were running to meet up wit her! Now, the second somethin’ don’t go yar way it’s to the hills wit yah. Do yah have any idea how long it took her to find yah? Do yooou know what she went through to brin’ yah here to safety?” Gornard charged in grabbing the bag on the bed to throw it behind him. The two men stood glaring each other down. “She was obsessed!”

“Now, she doesn’t have to be. I’m safe and she knows it. I just can’t stay here when she’s… when we…”

He looked down at his hands. The orichalcum cuffs glimmered in the candle light that turned his room an orange glow. He had wanted things to be different. He had believed things would have gone differently.

“I know…” Gornard sighed, resting his hand on his friend’s shoulder. “Just cause she is marryin’ someone else don’t mean she don’t need yah. She needs yah, Rev, more than ever. We all do.”



Dialogue Prompt: Never Said Thank You


“This is just as much your victory as it is mine.” She glanced over her shoulder to spot the man’s heavy brows knit at hearing her words. She had confused him by the looks of it. That wasn’t so surprising, he wasn’t the type to think outside the obvious. “I never said thank you, did I?”

“For what?” He shook his head, watching as the woman drew closer to take his hands. They were warm as her thumbs made circles against his wrists. He looked up from their hands to meet eyes with the woman before him. A small smirk on her lips as he felt her right hand leave his grip to move to rest against his cheek.

“For… well… everything.” Her voice was low, almost a whisper as she moved closer to rest her forehead against his chin. “Everything that has happened wouldn’t have if not for you.”

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