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Does a big ego help or hinder writers?

This week’s question is: does a big ego help or hinder writers?

I usually stay neutral with questions like this but today I’m going to choose a side. That side is, I believe it hinders a writer.

Now, to understand this question we need to know what an ego is. According to the grandmaster of search engines, Google describes ego as:


I have a mild ego. One that has enough self-esteem to know I’m worthy of the life I have, and a desire to strive for something better but I don’t think I’m the “greatest” person in the world that can be the only person that can make the world “amazing” and everyone should listen to me. In other words I’m not a narcissistic Cheeto but an average human being.

This average view of myself helps me stay neutral when it comes to judging my writing, and I also don’t raise myself up on a pedestal to preach how great I am to the masses… I think the world has enough of that at the moment. I think having a average ego helps me as a writer because I don’t belittle others striving towards their goals. If anything I’m more willing to help where I can and share my experiences.

There is a downside to having an average ego though…

I, at times, don’t know my worth, which allows others to take advantage of me. Someone with a large ego is more likely to know their worth… maybe even surpass their worth because of their view of their own self-importance. This could help them with getting noticed but can also hinder them with burning bridges.

The best authors, in my opinion, are those that are average egos.

They release their worth and they use it to better others. J.K. Rowling – yes, I use her a lot for examples – is the perfect fit for this example. She knows what it is like to be at the bottom of the income ladder. When she became famous for her series she didn’t let that fame go to her head, and instead used the money that she had and influence that she gained to better others around her. You could say the same about Bill Gates. He knows how powerful he is and he is using that power to help others not help himself.

I think someone with a high ego wouldn’t do well within the writing community. Okay, maybe at first… but other time their inflated sense of self-importance and arrogance towards those around them may cause their popularity to fade.

So, as much as a big ego goes it may help a writer in the short term but hinder them in the long term.

What do you think? Do you think a big ego hurts a writer or helps them? Put your answer in the comment section down below, I love hearing your answers. Until next time remember to stay safe, be creative, and as always Toodles! ^.^

What are common traps for aspiring writers?


The most common traps for aspiring authors that come to my mind are three things:

  1. If I write it they will come.
  2. Everyone will love my book.
  3. No one will want my book, so what’s the point.

These are the three I’ve faced and the three I believe I’ve gotten past since completing my second book. When you are new to the writing game there is very little guidance and most of the work you have to be willing to do.

If I write it they will come – is such a common trap.

The reason for this is due to most aspiring writers approaching their writing from the wrong angle. You are looking at it from a readers standpoint not a writers stand point. As a reader you found a book on a shelf that you liked and in a sense that author did make it and attracted you to the work. But, new writers don’t see the middle part.

Authors spend just as much time figuring out ways to attract the reader to their book as they do writing it. They didn’t just make the book and wait for people to find it, most authors – at least the successful ones – had a plan to get people to read their books through marketing it or getting out there to show their face at certain events. I am still learning this part and trying to figure out a way to reach the people I know would enjoy my books. Being an author is equal parts marketing to equal parts writing. At least that’s what I have found.

This follows with – everyone will love my book.

A very unrealistic point of view. You love your book because you wrote it. You love your book because you created the story and put in the hours making it. Just because you love your work doesn’t mean everyone will love it. Not everyone reads the same thing.

For example: I love writing fantasy but I don’t enjoy reading them. I love historical non-fiction and memoirs mostly… that is when I find time to read.

You have to approach writing realistically and with some idea who you want to market your book to. Age, gender, location, interests… etc., these are all things to consider when thinking of who your reader is going to be and who may love your book.

The same goes with – no one will want my book, so what’s the point.

Just like not everyone will love your book, not everyone is going to hate it either. You wrote a book or short story or poem that you needed to write. Something inside you called to you and said, the world needs this. That same voice is the reason why there will be people who will love your writing. Someone out there needs what you’ve written, and you may never meet them but they are there. The world is a big place with 7 billion people and there will be those that will not like your work but there will be just as many who will love it. You can’t be afraid of those few for the possible many that will embrace your creation.

So, in conclusion:

Always think of ways to engage your potential readers, (maybe start a blog like I did), or become part of a writing guild in your community to learn and get to know other creators.

Not everyone is going to love your creation as much as you will. It is your baby and in that sense you see it through rose coloured glasses. Get someone you trust to review your work and see if there are places where you can make your piece stronger. Also never be afraid of criticism; take it as a chance to grow.

At the same time, not everyone is going to hate what you create. Explore places where those that might enjoy your work may be hanging out either online or in the real world. Try sharing your talents in small ways to build your confidence and maybe your following. Who knows? Your work may touch more people than you could have imagined.

Until next time remember to stay safe, be creative, and as always toodles! ^.^



Ambient Noise For Writers

I’ve mentioned before that I love to write in silence, but that wasn’t fully true. Most of the time you will find me sitting on my windowsill, curled up with my laptop tapping away on the keys with the flow of my mental thoughts… but sometimes I put on ambient noise to give me some sense of movement or sound.

When I was young I was inclined to listen to screamo or hard metal when I wrote. There would be music, tempo, and all-in-all sound that didn’t have any distinctive words that would work their way into my work. As I got older I found it harder to concentrate when I had someone from Norway screaming incoherently in my ear… so I moved on to other kinds of ‘music’.

My first introduction to ambient music was probably at age 14 when I was on a road trip with my parents through Eastern Canada. Maritime trips with my parents were one of the biggest influences on me in both what I write, the history I love, and the music I listen to now. I remember picking up a CD with Shanty music – which I do say I did become overly obsessed with. On this shanty CD there was one song that was just ocean waves and people on the beach. It was so relaxing and helpful in developing my mind to imagine pictures of the scene, which has helped me be able to visualize my writing.

It was later when YouTube grew in popularity that I began to collect ambient noise on playlists to listen while I wrote, and now I’ve even discovered some amazing sites that I waste a lot of time on. One ambient noise I listen to the most is the rain. I honestly don’t know why I like the sound of rain. Maybe it is due to it being nature’s white noise? As it washes away the filth is washes away what burdens you have in your mind. It acts as a curtain cutting off the busyness of your mind to allow you to focus on what you find important. Maybe I love the sound of water because I was born Pisces – although I don’t find that a likely reason? Whatever it is, it doesn’t really matter. I know that rain helps me focus my mind and that’s all I need to know.

If you enjoy listening to ambient noises while you write I’ll post some links to some sites I use. One of the links was suggested to me by one of my readers, and thanks to him I now know what a medieval tavern sounds like (thanks DJ Morand for making this suggestion).

List of Ambient Sites:

RAIN MOOD : this site plays rain and only rain. You are able to make your own rain music by combining a YouTube link with the rain of the day. They also offer Rain Music of the day where they take someone’s creation and let the world listen to it.

FOREST MOOD : this site plays forest noises like bird calls, rustling leaves, running streams, babbling brooks, and scurrying animals. If you are suck inside writing and want to feel like you’re writing in nature this is the link for you. Also helps if your characters are travelling through the woods.

NOISLI : I found this link from a VSauce DONG video. Here you can create your own unique ambient noise. They have rain, thunderstorms, wind, forest, leaves, water stream, seaside, water, fireplace, summer night, coffee shop, train, fan, white noise, pink noise, and brown noise. They are all adjustable and can be shared/ saved on your social media accounts.

TABLETOP AUDIO : this site was suggested to me by DJ Morand . They have more atmospheric ambient noise like forest at night, busy tavern, medieval battle, and many others. These I find helpful in figuring out what the atmosphere is like in a scene of my book or helps give me ideas on what noises my characters could be hearing in certain places throughout the area I’ve placed them. I find this more a world building tool than an ambient noise for writing tool.

LIMIT Chill Ambient & Lounge Music : this is a YouTube channel I happened across one of those days I was procrastinating. They are relatively new but they have all kinds of ambient noise videos that last anywhere from 3 minutes to an hour.

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