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I Didn’t Mean For This To Happen!!


I love going online and finding things that are so relatable from all sides. This comic is from taptasic and by a very talents artist by the name of Anti-Social Media (click their name to be transported to the original page).

Now, I don’t normally post comics unless I have a good reason. The reason for posting this is because I relate to it as not only the reader but also the creator. When I write I want to invoke emotions in my readers and try to make it as positive or entertaining as possible. Sometimes… though… it backfires. Parts I think are funny may not be for my readers and some parts I love may invoke a different emotion than I originally intended. Everyone is different as therefore will react differently to what you write.

I know in the past I have read pieces meant to be humorous and cried my heart out. There were parts in books that were supposed to provoke me to cry that I laughed through. You can try to predict a readers view of your work but at the end of the day we are only guessing…

I guess that’s why I like this comic so much as you may not mean for something to happen but at the end of the day your readership may still enjoy it.


Thank Goodness For Computers

Hello world out there world!!

I saw this picture a while back and couldn’t help but think, “Thank goodness for computers.”


With the amount of time I spend writing and rewriting my drafts my room would resemble… nay my house would resemble this picture. Just imagine not having a computer for a moment. As a writer we do not fathom how much paper we would have gone through between our first draft to our last draft with the commonness of computers now-a-days. Some of us still use notebooks but those are organized pieces of paper that can easily be filed away on a shelf or in a drawer. Yes they do take up space but not as much as crumpled pieces like this picture. Imagine every mistake you make and every piece you rewrite only to crumple it and leave it on the floor. Within a couple of hours your room would be filled to the ceiling; you wouldn’t be able to open the door, and a candle would be a death sentence…

We write so much with this technology that permits us unlimited space.

For example: look at your picture file on your computer for a moment. There are hundreds of images both those you’ve taken and those you’ve copied from online sources. If you were to print all of these pictures you would likely run out of wall space before you were halfway finished. On a computer we can store all these images without taking up physical space that wouldn’t have been realistic if we were to make them a physical copy.

Now, consider how many pages you’ve written… even the blog posts you’ve posted. Each page doesn’t take up physical space but if printed how much room do you think it would take up. With my books averaging around 250 pages and I do at least three drafts for each, I know I would run out of room quickly.

You don’t really think about your writing taking up physical space now that you have a computer that keeps in hidden behind zeros and ones. All we need to worry about now is our hard drive running out of room or our keyboard breaking from overuse, (which recently happened to me). Those of course can be fixed or improved. You can add more drives to your computer that sits in the corner of a room taking up very little space. You can buy yourself a new keyboard, maybe one that is graded for hard use like a ducky or alien. At the end of the day we sit here in front of this device that grows in kilobytes whenever we use it. Those books that used to take up the bookshelves in our living room now fit on a device that hardly takes up a corner of a kitchen table. We can read hundreds of books that we couldn’t imagine dragging around in a backpack now on our phones through applications designed to keep your life as organized as possible.

Thank goodness for computers… as my house would be a fire hazard on the daily without it.

But, at the same time I feel like that chaos caused by my paper rewrites and my walls plastered with hardcover books is something a writer or reader enjoy. With the amount of crumpled paper around your feet keeping you stuck to your desk shows that there is progress. Those hardcover books lining the shelves gives you a sense of wonder that each text was someones creation that you can hold in your hands and examine. Sometimes I like the physical messes writing causes. It gives you a sense that the written word can invade your life and take over your living space. It reminds you that its there… unlike on a computer where you can lose a document and forget about it. With a physical book or physical copy of your writing you’ll happen across it eventually when cleaning or reorganizing your work space. The same doesn’t always happen with your digital version.

I am thankful for computers as it has helped me stay organized but I do love the physical chaos paper can bring to a work space.

Technology Is My Frenemy

hatetechIn my day-to-day life I rely on technology for a lot of things. It lets me communicate with you through my blog, my readers through other social media sites, allows me to research anything I want with a click of a mouse, and even permits me to post my book online for free on various sites. I can also write my book through different applications on my desktop, listen to an old British man read it back to me through another app, easily find things I need in book one by simply using ctrl+f. What would have taken me hours to do with pen, paper, and textbooks now takes me minutes.

Technology is amazing but technology is also terrible.

With all the productive time I do spend with my laptop I also spend being unproductive.
When I sit down and I’m set on writing something I think about researching a topic for the scene and Poof I’ve wasted six hours watching cat videos on YouTube. I want to find inspiration for a stairwell on Google Images and poof I’ve wasted four hours looking at DIY projects I will never actually do on Pinterest.

Don’t get me wrong, these applications have their uses. I listen to music on Youtube to set the mood of a scene. I find fun quotes or pictures for me to post on my blog through Pinterest. It is just – maybe – I don’t have any self-control when it comes to using technology…

But – again – using technology is faster than using hatelovethe old methods. It’s convenient to use a computer than a book, to use a keyboard instead of a pen. We have been taught that convenience is always better. The fast way is the best way… and in truth this way does work for me besides the hours I waste on useless activities. I think faster than I can write by hand… but I now can type faster than I can think sometimes. I can easily organize my story, copy/ paste ideas I want to use into other files or keep deleted pieces from my work encase I want to use them again in the future. I can create folders with pictures that inspire me to write or relate to my book.

So, as much as I hate technology I also love it… technology is a frenemy.

Book to Movie

I hope I’m not the only person who does this… moviebookwho thinks of what a story would be like in
a movie adaptation. Heck, maybe a lot of other people think of this now that there are so many movie to book adaptations out there. After all, there is a whole generation of writers now that grew up in the Harry Potter Generation where the movies and books were coming out at the same time. There were debates on how close the movies were to the books and once HP got popular because of the movies bringing in more readers more authors jumped on the film boat.

Eragon – for example – flopped in the box office but it was a book to movie. Others did better like the Twilight Series, Percy Jackson, LotR… and so on.

I’m not going to lie and say I’ve never thought of it. I have – and honestly if I was offered to turn my books into a film I wouldn’t. Films cut out a lot of the story and a lot of the pieces of the story that make people love the characters. Unless you get someone who truly understands your book, the world you’ve created may not end up like JK’s or Tolkin’s.

If I was ever going to turn my books into something watch worthy it would be a television show; each season a book and each episode a chapter. I would also do computer animation similar to Final Fantasy Spirits Within (totally underrated) or Advent Children just to bring the world to life and the other elements of Gaitan to life. That way I could make the characters look like they do in the books, while having actors voice them. (I’ve also always been fond of the CGI and advancement of digital graphic/ animation –  Steven Spielberg’s AVATAR is my obsession).

Yeah… these are the weird things I think about when I’m not able to write… which has been over the last week or so while I’ve been moving. I’m happy I’m close to being settled into my new place so I can get back to my normal schedule of obsessing over scenes and dialogue instead of ‘what if’ scenarios like this. XD


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