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Building Gaitan: The Stonework of Stone Creek

Hello World Out There World!!

This week I have updated the official canon site for the Prophecy Six Series and my focus has been to complete all the areas in the Western Valley. I only have a few places left but today I’m focusing on one of them. The Stonework of Stone Creek. If you are interested in learning more about this small place in the Valley click HERE!

Until next time stay safe, be creative, and as always toodles ya’ll! ^.^

Groups & Beliefs of Gaitan: Fellowship Of Flesh

In the world of Gaitan – where my Prophecy Six book series is based – there are plenty of religions and groups that add their own spice to the world creation process. One of these groups are the Fellowship of Flesh. This group is located in La’reen but there is a subgroup that is rarely discussed that can be found in the Southern Capital – Syder. This group is interesting as the main group and subgroup contrast in their beliefs… but at the same time both groups have a large effect on the world they are in.

For more information on the Fellowship of Flesh CLICK HERE!!


Old Word Friday: Rawgabbit

For this Friday’s old word I’ll introduce you to the word rawgabbit. Rawgabbit is a person that gossips in secret about things they have no knowledge about. Everyone knows someone who’s like this, at least I know I’ve know a few people that have done this… and I’ll admit when I was a teenager I had moments of being a rawgabbit – something I’m not proud of.

To give you an example of a rawgabbit – they are a person that will pull you aside and speak about other people doing things that are utterly untrue. They are starters of rumours and they can cause problems for other people if those they gossip to end up spreading these untruths about.

Examples of rawgabbit in a sentence:

Sally knew that Frank was a rawgabbit after he spoke about Miss. Alison’s relationship with the gym teacher.


“Stop being such a rawgabbit!” My mother ordered, silencing my muttering the moment her glare caught my eye.


Now, I find this word very useful in character development. If you don’t know how to describe a gossipy character this word pretty-much sums them up. You can also use it as an insult as no one likes to be called a liar and a gossip.


Wonderful Word Wednesday: Seven Words


As promised in yesterdays post – Two Gifts To My Followers – I am now going to share with you seven interesting, weird, and wonderful words.

|ONE| Snickersnee

This word is another name for a knife that is used as a weapon, or to cut or thrust something. It is believed to come from the Dutch where it combines two words that together mean ‘a stick or snee that is used to thrust or cut’.

Example of the word in a sentence:

Sally discovered she was unable to snickersnee the weeds behind her house.

|TWO| Kakorrhaphiophobia

Over the last couple of weeks I could say I have been suffering from this. To be kakorrhaphiophobic is to have the fear of failure. Everyone has had a moment where they have felt kakorrhaphiophobic… maybe?

Example of the word in a sentence:

The student’s kakorrhaphiophobia was making him worry about his upcoming report card.

|THREE| Quire

Put simple is four sheets of paper or parchment folded to make eight leaves, just like they would with medieval manuscripts. I just love the way this word sounds when you say it.

Example of the word in a sentence:

The scholar gathered together all the parchment available before setting to the task of producing a fresh abundance of quires.

|FOUR| Agerasia

This is a word that means you look much younger than your actual age. My parents and I run into this problem all the time. When my parents first lived together in their later twenties the landlord came to their apartment and asked if their parents were available, as he wanted to discuss the rent.

Much more recently I was trying on dresses for a friend’s wedding when the woman who was working their asked if I was looking forward to my prom… I’m 25 years old… I graduated high school over 6 years ago…

I laughed. She laughed. It got awkward…

I didn’t get the dress.

Anywho, word in a sentence:

Both sides of my family complain about having to deal with peoples’ comments about their youthful appearance. At times it is a great compliment. At others they curse the fact they suffer from agerasia.

|FIVE| Xertz

To eat or drink greedily. To eat or drink with speed.

I like how it has the two least used words in the English alphabet.

Example of xertz in a sentence:

The children xertzed down their Halloween candy before they got home.

|SIX| Dompteuse

This word is the name for female animal trainers. I just thought it was a really weird looking word and so it was added to my list.

Example of the word in a sentence:

Bree, the dompteuse, ushered the lion to jump through the hula hoop.

|SEVEN| Brontide

The low rumbling noise of thunder in the distance.

Example of the word in a sentence:

The couple drove south towards the storm, judging by the brontides.





The Flute Tree

There are many creatures in Gaitan that we earthlings will never have to worry about encountering …unless, of course, you’re joining Liora and the rest of the Six of their adventures.

One of these creatures happens to be a tree called a Flute Tree for the sound it makes when the wind blows through its leaves. Now, if you are interested in reading/ learning more about this creature tree I have provided a link that will take you directly to my other site. If you aren’t interested – then go on your way.



30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 7


List Ten Songs That You’re Loving Right Now

WARNING: Some songs have strong language. 


Ethnic Zorigoo Ft. Zaya (Tatar) Khuleg baatar

The song is a rap and Mongolian throat singing mix. You want music that will pump you up this is the song to do it. Whenever I’ve doing cardio or writing a scene where my characters are running/ escaping/ having an epic battle this is the song I listen to.

Oh, and the music video is pretty awesome too. I love Tibetan Mastiffs… to bad they are massive and I’m so tiny.


Wazer Wifle – Open Mind – Fallout 3 Rap

I love this song only because of it’s nerd credit. The crew that came up with this song brings back all my Fallout memories and it is easy to sing along to.


Ichirin no Hana – High And Mighty Colour

Call back to my J-Rock/ J-Pop days. I fell in love with this song in high school after hearing it as the opening of season two or three of Bleach. I just thought it was awesome, and has a similar sound to Evanescence.


Until the Day You Die – Abney Park

When I went through my Steampunk phase I couldn’t help but fall in love with Abney Park. To this day this song is on my favourites list. It just has a unique old timely sound that not many bands share.


Stardust – Gemini Syndrome

I’m all over the place when it comes to music. I think I like this band because it reminds me of Blind Guardian, Skillet, and Rise Against.


Trooper – Iron Maiden  & Army of the Night – Powerwolf

If you hear Trooper or Powerwolf blasting I’m probably pissed off at something, or need a pick-me-up. I don’t know why, but death metal/ hard rock makes me feel better…


Riptide Le Vance Joy in Gaeilge

I love the original version but there is something about kids getting together to share in their passions that makes this so much more magical. Also it is in Gaeilge (Irish Gaelic). You can’t go wrong with listening to anything in Gaeilge. (I should know… I have a vast collection of Gaeilge music…)


Rule the World – Walk Off the Earth

They are a Canadian band from Burlington, Ontario… which is like 30 minutes from where I grew up. I couldn’t help but be a proud Canadian and share the awesomeness of this band.



Fight Song – Rachel Platten 

This song… what can I say about this song…

It is powerful. It is motivating… and probably helped hold me together when I lost the most important person in my life. This song pushed me to find the light in a shitty situation, and Child of the Light was born.

This song helped me re-evaluate what I was doing with my life, and helped me realize I was happiest when writing. Life is short and you need to do what you love. My mom taught me that and the song helped me focus enough to see that.


Shut up and Dance – Walk The Moon

This song has taken over my life. I scream sing it whenever it comes on the radio… which makes it awkward when it plays at work but people are starting to realize that this is my song.

I went through an 80’s music phase in high school and this just reminds me off all the good music I had blasting on my SanDisc.

This song also reminds me of my mom, as she would have likely gotten up and scream sung the song along with me. It brings back a lot of good memories and is probably why I love this song more than I should.

I’m not going to lie… 1 million of those 157 million views are probably me. XD


Downtown – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Let’s be honest. My list wouldn’t be complete without Macklemore… he’s my boy. Plus, I love musicals and this song just radiates Rent for some reason…

Prophecy Six has a Facebook!!!


I know it’s long overdue but I have finally gotten around to doing this. I can officially say that P6 has a Facebook page.

What I’m hoping is that this page will become a place where readers can share and discuss my book, along with getting insight on new things I may be releasing. So far it is just me and a few friends following, but I would love to carry some of the conversations I’ve had with many of you over to my page.

I want it to be a safe place where we can talk about writing, reading, and all the other things we love. I’m wanting to build a P6 community and this is one way I know how to start it. 🙂

So, don’t be afraid to join the new Prophecy Six Page!!!


Timeline for the Beginning of Gaitan

So, if you have been following me for a while you will already know the story of Gaitan’s creation. If you don’t know it or haven’t read it, here’s the link.

Now that you’ve read through that, this will make a lot more sense to you. If you still haven’t read it, this will not…

Anywho, I decided for the fun of it to create a timeline of events for this little side story of my story. This timeline is important, only for the reason it fits into a bigger timeline I’m working on that I’ll post at a later date. 🙂

There is a lot of work and history building that goes into my world creation, so I find timelines a life saver.

So, without further delay, here is the Beginning Timeline for Gaitan.


Questions to think when building a race/society?

When it comes to building a race/society it can be hard to know where to start. You are all these awesome ideas about what your want them to look like, and act like… but what else should your include? There are a lot of things that go into determining race/ society and that’s why I am posting this.

I’ve spent a long time making notes surrounding a certain race or society I was creating. After all… I created a world and therefore I should have some idea on how much work goes into ensuring its diversity. XD

And so, I give you, Classy’s List to Building a Race/ Society.

This list has a lot of questions that can help you organize your ideas and hopefully flush out what you need to get a solid idea about building your race/ society. You don’t have to use them all, I know on certain races/societies I didn’t, but the questions are there to help. 🙂


  • What is your race’s name? Do they have more than one name, (scientific, common, nickname)?
  • What are some common names found within your race? Do those in your race have middle names? Do those in this race have last names? Do they have more than one name?
  • What are the general personality traits of the race? Are they generally more blunt, brutish, gentle or naive? Do they treat people differently depending on rank or social status?
  • What does your race look like, (skin colour, hair colour, eye colour, special markings)? Clothing or jewellery? Weapons? Do they all look similar to one another or are they diverse in appearance?
  • Was the race created or did they evolve?
  • Does your race have their own language or share a language?
  • How does your race live in their area? Do they live in clans or tribes? Do they have settlements, or cities? What are the inter-racial differences between each social group within your race? Are they social groups, or are they equals?
  • What are some traditions? Do they follow the same belief within their communities or do they follow different beliefs?
  • What are their religious views? Do they have a religion? What do they believe in, if anything?
  • How does your race look at relationships? Political? Romantic?
  • What is your races beliefs/ opinions around gender (male, female, other) and sexuality (homosexual, bi/pansexual, asexual, heterosexual, etc)?
  • What happened historically involving your race? Wars? Discoveries? Social movements?
  • Where is your race found? Does your race migrate or immigrate to other parts of the world? Where did they originate? How large is the population of your race? Are they spread out? Are their only a few?
  • What jobs does your race favour?
  • Is your race advanced?
  • What part(s) of the world was your race responsible in establishing?
  • Who are some famous people within your race? Heroes? Peacekeepers? Politicians? Entertainers?


For those who don’t know what the difference between race and society is, I’ve written definitions below. There are more complicated explanations found online, just search race defined in sociology or society defined in sociology. This will give you a better idea on what the differences are, and may also help you create your own questions to build from.

Race means a group of people believed to share certain physical characteristics (hair colour, skin colour, bone structure, etc).

Society means a group of people within a certain cultural or social structure, that share similar or the same beliefs or values.

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